Pundit lashes out at Smotrich: Cunning and an ingrate

Channel 12 News commentator Amnon Abramovich says Smotrich is to blame for a right-wing government not having been formed.

Yonatan Gottlieb ,

Amnon Abramovich
Amnon Abramovich
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Channel 12 News commentator Amnon Abramovich on Monday blasted the chairman of the Religious Zionist party, MK Bezalel Smotrich, and accused him of not forming a right-wing government. Abramovich also called accused Smotrich of being an “ingrate” and “a refined nationalist”.

"What do right-wingers want from Naftali Bennett, why do you complain about him, why do you threaten to harm him?" Abramovich wondered in an article on the N12 website.

"It is not he but Bezalel Smotrich who is responsible for the fact that a right-wing government has not been formed," he wrote. "Smotrich is the protagonist of the plot, hidden from view, cunning, an ingrate, determined to open two doors with one kick."

He added, "He blocked a government backed by Mansour Abbas in order to maintain racial purity and remain a refined nationalist."