What did the bereaved father say to Mansour Abbas?

Bereaved father Herzl Hajaj runs into MK Mansour Abbas at the Knesset: We know you condemn terrorists in Hebrew but support them in Arabic.

Hezki Baruch ,

Herzl Hajaj and Mansour Abbas
Herzl Hajaj and Mansour Abbas
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Herzl Hajaj, father of Lieutenant Shir Hajaj who was murdered in a ramming attack in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem, on Monday ran into Ra'am chairman MK Mansour Abbas in the Knesset.

Hajaj said to Abbas, "These word games in Arabic and Hebrew, the fact that in Hebrew you condemn [terrorists] and in Arabic you do not, with one hand you condemn and with the other hand you give money to lawyers for terrorists - it is wrong."

When MK Abbas claimed that each defendant had the presumption of innocence, Hajaj told him in response, "You are not supposed to fund it. You support them. This is something that must not be done. We know the truth."

Hajaj later tweeted, "We saw Mansour Abbas coming out of a meeting with Ayelet Shaked and I went and told him that we know he condemns terrorists in Hebrew while in Arabic he supports them and even funded hundreds of lawyers for rioters/terrorists from the riots and lynchings in the last month."

He added, "The emerging terrorist government believes his nonsense just to form a government, and we will pay for it with blood."