Why Zionism is losing the PR war

Truth is more complicated than slogans. It is easier to believe simple slogans even if they are false. Op-ed.

Rafael Castro ,

United Nations headquarters
United Nations headquarters
Why is Zionism losing the PR war?

The reason for this dynamic is simple: In any debate it is better to possess a simple slogan rather than a broad array of piecemeal truths.

It is easier to peddle the myth that "European Jews stole Arab land and threw the Palestinians out of their land", rather than learning about:

a) 3000+ years of Jewish ties to the Land of Israel;

b) 2000 years of Christian persecution and 1300 years of Islamic subjugation for Jews;

c) The fact that Arabs living in what was called Palestine did not consider themselves a people and never rebelled against centuries of foreign Ottoman occupation;

d) The fact Jews starting from the end of the 19th century bought land deeds and developed Palestine - the Roman name for the region - making the desert bloom and that all Jewish achievements in the Holy Land occurred despite decades of terror, war and economic blockades;

e) That Palestinian Arabs could have avoided the Partition of Palestine in 1947 if its leaders had not swaggered before the UN Special Committee on Palestine that they would expel 500,000 Jews once Palestine secured independence;

f) That Palestinian Arabs could have enjoyed independence since 1948 if its leaders had accepted to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors. Instead, they always opted for war over peace and maximalism over compromise;

g) That the notion that Palestinian Arabs are single-mindedly devoted to undoing historical injustices is belied by the massive violations of human rights in the 'West Bank' and Gaza committed by Palestinian Arabs against fellow Palestinians;

h) That if Israel ceased to exist, a sovereign Arab Palestine from the River to the Sea, would almost certainly be another failed Arab state mired in tribalism, patriarchy, homophobia, religious intolerance and strife;

In other words, it is easier to rally crowds with the slogan "Jews are thieves", rather than acknowledge the manifold reasons that prove Israel's historic right to the land and make Israel a blessing not just for the Jews and the world, but also for Arabs not blinded by pride, prejudice and hatred.

Rafael Castro is a political analyst based in Europe who specializes in proofreading, editing and ghostwriting quality texts for entrepreneurs and politicians. Rafael can be reached at rafaelcastro78@gmail.com