Police question 11 under caution on Meron disaster

Investigation ongoing despite lack of arrests.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the tragedy
Scene of the tragedy
David Cohen/Flash90

A month after the tragedy in Meron in which 45 Jews lost their lives, the police investigation into the incident is still ongoing. On Sunday, it was learned that the Lahav 433 anti-fraud unit has gathered sufficient evidence from the scene and other locations in order to summon 17 people for questioning, of whom 11 have been questioned under caution and another six have given evidence. Seven separate locations have also been searched in order to garner additional information.

All those summoned for interrogation have been subsequently released, with some placed under restrictive conditions. Police are meanwhile continuing their investigations, while the political echelon continues to wrangle over who, if anyone, should establish and head an official commission of inquiry into the events that led up to the tragic deaths on Lag b’Omer.

Parallel to their efforts to bring to justice whoever may be found guilty, the police are also endeavoring to return the possessions of those who were at Meron at the time of the disaster, either to their owners or to their relatives, in the cases where the owners lost their lives. Many items have yet to be reclaimed, although the families of the victims have in many cases come forward to claim their loved ones' possessions, which have great emotional significance for them.

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