4 arrested for participation in attempted lynching of Jewish family

The 4, in their 20s, are suspected of involvement in the incident in which a Jewish family that mistakenly entered Kfar Kara was attacked.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shuafat riots.
Shuafat riots.
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Police arrested 4 residents of Kfar Kara in their 20s on suspicion of involvement in an attempted lynching of a Jewish family amid the riots in mixed cities across the country during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

The incident began when family members, three in number, accidentally entered Kfar Kara during the night. At a certain point, several suspects arrived and attacked the vehicle. Police who arrived at the scene spotted suspects who ran into the village.

The police responded by dispersing and firing in the air and the vehicle was eventually rescued and the family members evacuated for medical treatment.

Today, police will ask to extend the suspects' detention at a hearing in the Hadera court.