UK Labour MP accuses Israel of “war crimes” and “murder”

MP also claims UK selling weapons to Israel for “war crimes that killed children in Gaza.”

Dan Verbin ,

British parliament
British parliament

During question period in the British parliament, Zara Sultana, the UK Labour MP for Coventry South, accused Israel of “war crimes” and “murder.”

The 27-year old MP gave a speech in the House of Commons where she accused the IDF of “murdering” 66 children and 245 adults in an “assault on Gaza,” reported the Jewish Chronicle.

She also claimed that the UK government was “complicit” in preventing the “call for Palestinian freedom.”

Sultana also asked UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “look her in the eye” and tell her that weapons manufactured in Britain were not used in “war crimes that killed children in Gaza.”

In response, Johnson said, “It’s probably common ground among most members of this house that what we want to see is a two-state solution… That is what the UK government has campaigned for many years and that continues to be our position.”

Sultana was elected as the MP for Coventry South in 2019. Her nomination stoked controversy when it was revealed that she had previously used racial slurs against Jews and white people.

Sultana had also previously said that she would "celebrate" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's death, as well as the deaths of several other British and American politicians.