Dancing, singing and connecting - Meet Sruli Broncher

Watch the new episode of 'Real Talk': Hadassah Chen speaks with musician and video artist Sruli Broncher.

Hadassah Chen ,

Sruli Broncher
Sruli Broncher
Arutz Sheva

What happens when a boy moves from Australia to Israel, grows up as the last child of a large family in a very religious world, and has incredible talent in music composing directing, and fashion?

Can he follow his dream, his passions, and still be a religious boy maintaining harmony with his family, his old-world where he grew up and the new life he is creating for himself and his path to become a pop star?

Seems like he's got it all figured out.

Sruli Broncher shares his hopes, dreams, and personal struggles with me and all of you, giving us a glimpse of what it's like to be a successful artist in the "Chasidic world" and at the same time trying to make it in the secular world without letting down neither of his followers who are getting more and more each day from both Jewish worlds.

Sruli talks about his personal struggles feeling always a little different from his friends in yeshiva yet never rebelling against the system but trying to work with it and eventually finding his inner balance.

Sruli Broncher and Hadassah Chen
Arutz Sheva