5-year-old saved by father from Italy cable car disaster

Grandparents of family which lost 5 members in freak accident had left Israel to escape Hamas rocket attacks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Amit Biran and his son
Amit Biran and his son
צילום: מתוך הפייסבוק

The La Stampa Italian newspaper reported Monday that the five-year-old boy who was the only survivor of the cable car disaster in Italy was saved by his father.

According to the report, Amit Biran noticed the snapping of the tow rope and pulled his young son Eitan close, embracing him tightly and partly shielding him from the force of the impact. As a result, Eitan's injuries were not as serious as those of the other 14 passengers, who all perished in the accident.

Despite, this, Eitan remains in serious condition at Regina Margarita Children's Hospital in Turin, and will remain in the ICU for the next 48 hours.

Five members of the same Israeli family were killed in the disaster in Italy, with only Eitan surviving. Amit Biran, 30, and Tal Peleg-Biran, 26, as well as Eitan's 2-year-old brother, Tom, perished. Eitan's grandparents, Barbaria Cohen, 71, and Yitzhak Cohen, 81, also died in the accident.

Barbaria and Yitzhak were visiting their family in Italy in order to escape the Hamas rocket barrages at Tel Aviv over the last two weeks.