Orphans cry for help after losing their mother

6 children face an empty refrigerator after suddenly losing their mother.

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מקרר ריק/ילדה רעבה/עוני
מקרר ריק/ילדה רעבה/עוני
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She was a woman in the prime of her life who ran her household in a way that was worthy of emulation. She raised her children in Torah and yiras Shamayim (fear of heaven)and did everything in order that her husband would be able to sit and learn without having to worry about parnassah (earning a living); she took the entire responsibility of running the household upon herself, with great self-sacrifice.

Mrs. Rachel Bar Sheshet was a true eishes chayil (woman of valor). Without prior warning, she returned her neshamah to her Creator; and the children were informed that Ima was no more…

At the pain-filled funeral, her six children and her husband HaRav Meir Bar Sheshet stood and simply cried from the depths of their hearts. They cried over their dear Ima who was no longer with them, for their lives that would change forever, and especially because they miss her so very much.


But another really difficult issue was faced almost immediately afterwards: the family refrigerator started to empty out, and there was no money to fill it. Suddenly they began to understand that they couldn't continue to live like this- that they actually had nothing. They were simply destitute, mourning, and broken.

These broken-hearted orphans are still mourning over the death of their mother, but the tragedy is greatly compounded, as they have been left penniless. They need our help so very badly- we must be there for them at this, their most difficult hour and time of greatest need.

Tragedy! Mrs. Rachel Bar Sheshet passed away suddenly! Her husband and six broken-hearted orphans are penniless!

She passed away without warning: A young mother leaves her talmid chacham husband and six tender children. She maintained and supported the household, and now they have nothing.

Only yesterday they were a model family: The father was learning; their six children were superbly educated and refined. Out of the blue, everything collapsed- their capable mother passed away suddenly! Now they don’t have a mother, and they're left penniless!