Theaters and Circus Halls will transform into Synagogues and places of Torah study

It's high time to practically and not just theoretically apply the rule of "Venishmartem", namely, Beware for and guard your life.

Shalom Vaserteil ,

Adv. Shalom Vaserteil
Adv. Shalom Vaserteil
PR Tzifcha

For hours we had heard the sirens of rescue vehicles as the eve of Shavuot descende upon us. Only two weeks had passed since the terrible tragedy of Meron , and, again, in the middle of highest moments of elevation and joy, down came the Grim Reaper (Malach HaMaves) as the sounds of rejoicing suddenly changed into voices of wailing and bemoaning, of rescue car sirens that offered first aid and rushed scores of injured to hospitals throughout Jerusalem.

Due to sounds of war in this country, hospitals had actually been ready for multiple casualty events. "The sword outside and terror within"(Deut. 32).

"The secret things belong unto the Lord our God…"(Deut.29, 29). Yet, if one tells you there is wisdom among gentiles, Believe them. It is this special wisdom with which they built circus halls and amphitheaters, in which terraced seats are made of stone.

King Herod the Great initiated theater building in Caesarea and Jericho, as well as the building of smaller theaters in Herodium and other places. These were always seats made of stone and never contained galleries for standing.

Even much later in history, with the development of iron constructions and the appearance of standing balconies, the British knew they had to forbid the use of such balconies during overcrowded events. Although it took them 24 years after the 1989's disaster in Hillsborough where approximately 100 people were killed as a result of overcrowding, the main conclusion was that galleries for standing should be illegal.

Indeed, there is no question that this arrangement of standing galleries has got the advantage of exploiting maximum area. Yet, in most cases it doesn't meet safety standards and this has proven to be deadly. This is especially true when people not only stand on the balcony but also jump and dance on it. Sometimes it can reach the height of an 8-level balcony or higher. Having been built properly, there is no wonder then why circus halls and stadiums will serve in the future as synagogues and places of Torah study.

Thank God ( b"H) the dear Torah community, with its various schools, is growing steadily. That is why the tragic events in Meron and Karlin should serve as a radiant red flag for us, not only as for the actions we have to take when preparing mass gatherings but also should we strictly obey safety standards and instructions. It happens occasionally, for example, that one can see workers using a bulldozer to dig under a building, revealing its foundations and putting it in danger of collapse while hazarding its residents. Or, alternatively, some institutions add a floor to a building without a legal permit. Nobody complains, including local inspectors. It's high time to apply the principle of "Ve'Nishmartem", namely: Beware and guard your life, practically, not theoretically.