Anti-Semitism fueled by media ignorance and lies

Israel under attack: Israel’s Survival and the fate of humanity.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Anti-Semitic graffiti
Anti-Semitic graffiti

This week’s Jerusalem Lights Podcast once again focuses on Israel’s defensive war, "Guardian of the Walls," now in its second week.

Hamas, the Iranian-backed terror organization that rules Gaza and oppresses its own people, has bombarded Israel with 4,000 missiles, shooting hundreds of missiles each day.

This onslaught continues to be augmented by terrorists of Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah of Lebanon…and has been supported by violent riots and murderous terror attacks against Jewish Israelis terror perpetrated by Arab citizens of Israel.

The State of Israel continues to be roundly condemned for defending itself with "disproportionate response" against those who want to wipe it off the map. And then there is the other war…the war of public opinion, characterized by media ignorance, indifference to the truth, and misleading reporting, while fanning the flames of increasingly violent anti-Semitism all over the world.

But what does all this mean for the average person, a world away, and why should the world care what happens to Israel?

Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman examine this question, paying special attention to the spiritual repercussions for all humanity: the outcome of this struggle will impact the future of the whole world.