Netanyahu: UAV we shot down was Iranian

'The Iranians launched an armed drone our forces intercepted. That says it all about the real patron of terror in the Middle East.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the Iranian drone shot down in 2018
the Iranian drone shot down in 2018
IDF Spokesperson

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Thursday that the drone which was shot down over Emek HaMaayanot earlier this week was an Iranian drone which crossed into Israeli territory from Jordan.

According to Netanyahu, the drone was launched either from Syria or Iraq.

"The Iranians have launched an armed UAV that our forces have intercepted on the border between Israel and Jordan," the prime minister said. "I think that says it all about the real patron of terrorism in the Middle East and the world - Iran."

The incident occurred before dawn Tuesday, when an unmanned aircraft was spotted approaching the Israeli border in the northern Jordan Valley area, near the Emek HaMaayanot Regional Council.

An IDF spokesperson said Tuesday that Israel's air defense network tracked the drone aircraft before it was shot down.

Wreckage of the unmanned aircraft landed in Israeli territory and were collected by the IDF.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to convene the Political and Security Cabinet tonight at 7 PM.

The IDF had previously intercepted an Iranian drone over Israeli territory in 2018.