Terrible Accident Kills Couple, Baby Survives Without A Scrape

Leah’s personal adage is utterly heartbreaking. But incredibly, the 22-year-old is finally about to have the one thing she’s yearned for her

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Rabbi Mordechai Gross
Rabbi Mordechai Gross
Vaad HaRabbanim

When Leah R* was only one and a half years old, her parents were in a terrible car accident where they were instantly killed. Miraculously, little Leah survived without a scrape.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been completely on my own in the world,” writes Leah, now 22, in a recent letter where she attempts to describe the lonely existence of having lost both parents at such a young age.

“I try so hard to remember my parents’ faces, to remember the motherly love and devotion that I must have once been blissfully privileged to call my own...But it was too long ago. I was passed along from home to home my whole life, more than I can remember. I always felt so lost, and so alone. I have yearned for years to have a family, to simply belong somewhere.”

Leah’s personal adage is utterly heartbreaking. But incredibly, the 22-year-old is finally about to have the one thing she’s yearned for her entire life: Family.

Leah is currently engaged to a wonderful young man and is happier than she’s ever felt in her entire life. But attempting to get married without parental support proved to be extremely difficult. After several stressful weeks desperately trying to gather the funds to start a simple life together with her fiancé, Leah had to face a heart-wrenching decision: Whether or not to break her engagement.

That’s where things started to get interesting.

Leah's story somehow made its way to the desk of Rabbi Mordechai Gross, a much sought-after Rabbi in Israel who is legendary for the thousands of people who have come to him for Blessings and immediately saw their long-awaited salvation come true. When Rabbi Gross heard about Leah’s situation, he immediately put out the following powerful letter. The letter was not only for her sake, but for the sake of 35 other orphaned brides in similar situations struggling to make weddings on their own this month:

“Here I am to ask from each person that they donate...for the needs of the 36 orphans getting married and they should be blessed with health of the body and the spirit and merit to marry off their offspring with financial ease, soon, and G-d should fulfill all of their hearts desires for good and they should merit to see, with G-d's help, the coming of the Redemption & Moshiach.”

Without urgent help, Leah will have no choice but to cancel her wedding this month. She won't be able to have the family that she’s been longing to build. She will have to walk away from her beloved fiance forever. She has no parents in this world, but to her, we can be like family. Click here to help walk Leah down the aisle this month towards a happy future, and to personally receive Rabbi Gross’s much sought-after Blessings for lifelong health, finding one's soulate, and the greeting of the final redemption very soon.

*Names changed to withhold privacy