Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan aids in arrest of Arab driver

Yossi Dagan spotted Arab attempting to drive Israeli cars off the road, fired into the air, & aided in capture.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Yossi Dagan following the arrest of the driver
Yossi Dagan following the arrest of the driver
Ro'i Hadi

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan joined security forces on Tuesday morning in protecting the flow of traffic near the entrance to Huwara, south of Shechem, where hundreds of Israel vehicles pass every day.

On his way from there to a meeting with Rabbi Haim Druckman, Dagan noticed an Arab-owned vehicle driving erratically on Road 5 between the Tapuah Junction and Ariel. The vehicle bore no license plates, but what it did have displayed on it was a Hamas poster with the picture of a shahid (Islamic martyr) on it. The driver appeared to be trying to drive an Israeli vehicle off the road.

Dagan turned on his vehicle’s siren, shouted to the Arab driver to stop, and when the driver failed to do so, he fired into the air and told another member of the Regional Council, who was also on the road at the time, to block the road with his own vehicle and prevent the Arab driver from escaping.

The Arab driver eventually stopped, and Dagan got out of his car and called the police, who soon arrived and arrested the Arab.

“We will not permit attacks on our residents,” Dagan said, following the incident. “The settlements in Samaria stand together with the residents of Lod, the Gaza periphery, and Jerusalem, against the murderous attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Soldiers of the IDF along with the police are doing excellent work and we embrace them and back them up. Whenever a terrorist attempts to harm our citizens, we must stop him, and with our vigilance we will succeed in doing so.”