'Why is Temple Mount closed to Jews?'

Temple Mount organizations ask why holiest site in Judaism remains closed to Jews while fully open to Muslims.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hamas flags on Temple Mount
Hamas flags on Temple Mount
Jamal Awad/Flash90

The leadership of the Temple Mount organizations criticized the conduct of the authorities, which continue to bar Jews from the Temple Mount as Operation Guardian of the Walls rages.

"At the headquarters of the Temple Mount Organizations, the organizations received with great sorrow and severe shock the announcement of the continued closure of the Temple Mount to Jews and its opening to Muslims. The closure of the Temple Mount to Jews is a serious blow to the Jewish connection of the people of Israel to our temple, and closes the possibility of prayer for the success of the fighting and recovery of the wounded precisely where G-d chose as the place of closeness and prayer to Him. And it is even interpreted as weakness towards the enemy and surrender to terrorism," they said.

"It is precisely during the fighting we must put before our eyes the words of the sages of Israel that were said of King David when he conquered the territories containing the Temple Mount,,'" the headquarters said.

They called on the Prime Minister to open the Temple Mount to Jews on all days of the week, and at all hours of the day. ""To move the mosques to Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country, and remove from our sanctuary the Waqf and any Muslim symbol that has been causing more than a hundred years of terror and wars and this will end the bloodshed."

"Opening the Temple Mount to Jews indefinitely around the clock, and moving the Temple Mount mosques will forever neutralize the focus of terror on the Temple Mount, and harm the enemy more than any downing of towers in Gaza," the headquarters said.