Gantz to Hamas: Stop terrorizing our people and yours

Defense Minister Gantz to the International Community: Anyone who values life and liberty must stand up for Israel’s right to defend itself

Yoni Kempinski ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Tal Oz, Defense Ministry

In a special recorded message to the international community this evening, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz called upon world leadership to unequivocally support Israel in its campaign to uproot Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza.

Following are his full remarks:

Five days ago, after Hamas, yet again, fired hundreds of rockets into our civilian population, I directed the IDF to launch operation “Guardian of the Walls,” a major military campaign to strike at the terror operation in Gaza that is threatening the safety of our people and our region.

This was not a question of choice. It was a question of duty. Duty to our citizens. Duty to democracy. And duty to the values of life, freedom, and the rule of law. No country, institution, or international body can question our right to protect our citizens and our sovereignty.

I call upon Hamas: Stop terrorizing our people. And stop terrorizing yours. It is absurd that we do everything in our power to avoid hitting your civilians while you cowardly hide behind them.

And I call upon every world leader who values life and liberty to take a clear stand against this horrific violence and stand up loudly and clearly for Israel’s right to defend itself.

I also thank our partners, across the globe, for denouncing Hamas, terror and extremism and supporting the Israeli people's aspiration to live free of fear.

I pray for those who have lost their loved ones, and hope that we will soon be able to restore stability, and promote quiet, in Israel and throughout the region.