Jonathan Pollard to residents of mixed cities: Your home is our home

"All of Israel is drawing strength from you," says Jonathan Pollard to residents of mixed cities in an important message.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jonathan Pollard at Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem
Jonathan Pollard at Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem
Arutz Sheva

In a recorded message to the residents of mixed cities in Israel where violence has been reported, Jonathan Pollard said that, on behalf of himself and his wife Esther, they send their “love and support” to the Jewish communities that are under attack.

“I know that none of you expected to be on this kind of front line. But you are unfortunately, and the forces of evil that are raining rockets down on us now have allies in your community that want to kill you, and want to get rid of you, and want to eradicate you. You have to stand firm, you have to stand fast, and know that all of Israel is with you and behind you,” Pollard said.

He said that at this point, the situation can no longer be controlled or managed, the way it has been up until now.

“Because you can’t live this way in the future. Just waiting for the next time,” he said.

Pollard implored the government to permanently solve the situation and the violence occurring. He also demanded that the government enact policies that it should have enacted days ago when the attacks against Jews began.

“To ruthlessly and decisively stop this kind of anti-Semitic pogrom against you and your families,” he said to the residents of mixed cities, the Israelis who he said live on the “front line.”

“Your defence of your homes and your family is the defence of Israel right now,” he added, stating that he hopes and prays that the government does whatever it takes to “honor their obligation to good people like you.”

He continued, “In the days ahead there are going to be lots of people who are going to say we should understand the complaints of the rioters. They aren’t rioters. They’re the enemy. They are Amalek. They mean to kill us all. There’s no negotiating with these people, that should be understood. There’s no consideration that should be given to them at all.”

“This is a lethal threat to our country” and the residents of mixed cities need 100 percent support.

Pollard said that the streets need to be completely cleared to eliminate the problem. All the Arabs causing violence should be arrested and “(sent) to court and put away forever.”

“This is an insurrection, not a riot over the fact that they’re not privileged. They came for blood. They don’t care for friendship.”

People who don’t live in mixed cities have been turning a blind eye to the situation for too long, Pollard noted. What is currently going on in Lod, Ramla, Jaffa, Acre and other cities could soon “be everywhere.”

“The vast majority of our Arab citizens are watching this right now to see what kind of reaction comes from the government,” he said. “But more importantly, they’re also watching you, and your reaction. You do not give up your houses, you do not give up your home or your life in these cities. Because your home, your life and your family there is our life. The rest of Israel’s life.”

Pollard added, “If you fall, if you leave… right now. We all lose.”

He said that the vast majority of Israelis he’s talked to understand what’s at stake in mixed cities. The government has to do more than simply issue “tough words.” “Tough action on the ground” is needed that is appropriate to the threat Israel is facing.

“All I can hope and pray for is that the government finally recognizes the fact that an iron fist means more than just words,” he said. “It means… no more burned cards, no more burned synagogues, no more burned schools, no more burned businesses. No more threatening people.”

Israelis, Pollard said, “have a right to live as free and safe Jews in our G-d given land.”

“If there are certain people (in mixed cities) that don’t like that, and want to change that, there should be an answer for that very quickly. The very first day, that’s when the iron fist should have been used.”

Pollard concluded by saying, “Please know that all of Israel is drawing strength from your dedication to your homes, to your lives in the cities and to the land, our land. We wish you the best of luck and with G-d’s help we won’t see anymore of this problem again ever, Amen.”