Watch: Arabs attack Jew in Jerusalem - and run off

Arab passersby join attacker, kicking Jewish victim after he falls to the ground.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The Jew who was attacked near Damascus Gate
The Jew who was attacked near Damascus Gate
Israel Police spokesperson

A haredi Jew was attacked Thursday morning by Arab rioters, near the Old City of Jerusalem's Damascus Gate.The Jew fell onto the ground and required medical treatment.

Following the attack, the Arabs escaped the scene, and Israel Police began searching for them.

A short time later, the police located and arrested five suspects.

"In a smart operation by Israel Police, an attack on a person by a group of suspects was identified on Derech Shchem in Jerusalem," Israel Police said in a statement. "Following the attack, the victim required medical treatment, and the suspects themselves escaped the scene."

"Police forces immediately began operating and searching the area for the suspects. Within a short time, they were located, arrested, and transferred for police interrogation."