Mother of slain soldier Omer Tabib: 'He never stopped giving to others'

Funeral to be held on Thursday in hometown of Elyakim.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Omer Tabib
Omer Tabib
IDF spokesperson

The funeral of Sergeant Omer Tabib, who was killed on the Gazan border on Wednesday, will be held on Thursday at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Tabib, who was 21 years old, lived in the town of Elyakim and will be buried in its cemetery.

Speaking on Reshet Bet this morning, Tali, Tabib’s mother, related that Omer was “a boy who loved to give – he never stopped giving to others. He had such a refined manner. And he was planning to continue in the army – but that isn’t going to be, now.”

“We texted each other at ten o’clock that morning, and he told me that he’d talk to me later – it didn’t happen,” she added, recalling how, “in 1972, we had a song that went, ‘There won’t be any more wars,’ but they haven’t stopped.”

Omer Tabib was killed while on duty, posted to the Gaza border to watch over an Israeli town and guard it from potential infiltrators. Terrorists fired an anti-tank missile which hit the vehicle in which he and his fellow officers were sitting. One other soldier is still in serious condition following the attack, though his condition has since improved.

Tabib is survived by his parents, Tali and Amir, and a brother in ninth grade. He was a former member of the Bnei Akiva youth group, and learned in the Hatikva elementary school and a high school in Megiddo.