Dov Hikind calls out NYC mayoral candidate silence about "Jewish lynchings"

Former NYC Dem outraged that city's mayoral candidates have failed to speak out on attacks against Jews by pro-Palestinian activists.

Dan Verbin ,

Dov Hikind
Dov Hikind
Uzi Baruch

Lamenting the cynical trend of politicians equivocating the “violence on both sides,” former Democratic Brooklyn assemblyman and Jewish activist Dov Hikind took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out the city’s mayoral candidates for their conspicuous silence on anti-Jewish violence now plaguing Manhattan.

“Does anyone know if a single NYC mayoral candidate has spoken out against the repeated attempts by pro-Palestinian agitators to lynch Jews in broad daylight on Manhattan streets?" Hikind tweeted. “Oh I know, how about a statement about 'violence on both sides'? Pathetic!”

His post included a video filmed in Manhattan of pro-Palestinian protestors, some draped in Palestinian flags and some dressed in black on bicycles, surrounding a Jewish man covered in blood who had retreated into the relative safety of a department store.

Some of the protestors in the amateur video appeared to be from Antifa, but that has not been verified.

When police showed up, the protestors initially refused to leave the scene and yelled curse words at the officers who kept telling them to “move back.”

One of the protestors tried to use a bicycle to block the police from entering the store.

Once the officers cleared the scene, the camera panned to show the obviously injured Jewish man who was wearing a white shirt caked with blood. There was also blood and what appeared to be a significant gash on his forehead.

So far, none of the city’s mayoral candidates have commented on the video or on other similar incidents of attacks on Jews that have happened in the last few days.