AZ Jewish Democrat calls out party for "false & biased rhetoric"

Alma Hernandez tweets that "Israel has the right to defend itself PERIOD."

Dan Verbin ,


In a series of tweets over the last two days, Alma Hernandez, a Democratic member of the Arizona House of Representatives, has called out members of her own party for their silence or one-sided statements against Israel.

She is also “sick of news/reporting around this conflict.”

“The press has become less of an observer of this conflict but more of an actor. Millions of people are trying to comprehend, including policymakers but are seeing just 1 part: blame on Israel, not HAMAS. It's frustrating and wrong!” Hernandez tweeted.

Hernandez, who describes herself on Twitter as an “unapologetic Mex Zionist,” has been attacked by progressives on social media for speaking up for Jews and Israel, especially over the events of the last few days.

“If you're upset I'm calling out fellow #democrats for their irresponsible behavior; I'm NOT sorry. I do the same for the #Republicans and have no issue calling out false & biased rhetoric. I don't expect you to understand what it's like to be a Jew but don't tell me how to feel,” she tweeted.

Hernandez accused members of The Squad, the six Democrats in the House of Representatives who form the far left of the party, of being unconcerned about Jews being killed by Hamas and of inciting hate.

“Would be great if @AOC, @RashidaTlaib (and) @IlhanMN were as concerned & loud about Jews who have been murdered by Hamas rockets launched into #Israel. What I'm seeing is very one-sided, and no blame where it needs to be. Now is the time for honesty, NOT onesidism. Stop inciting more hate.”

Hernandez tweeted that “#Israel has the right to defend herself PERIOD.”

“400+ rockets fired into Israel from Gaza yet the world is silent. Israel is 13X smaller than AZ. Let that sink in. Can’t imagine the trauma of constant sirens& hiding in shelters. Praying for all affected by terror,” she tweeted on Tuesday.