Gantz: We can only win together. Only together

Defense Minister Benny Gantz delivered a joint statement with PM Netanyahu, IDF Chief-of-Staff,and Shin-Bet head, Nadav Argaman.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz ,

Gantz and Netanuahu
Gantz and Netanuahu
Ariel Hermoni/IMoD

The IDF has been acting in full force over the past 24 hours. In hundreds of strikes, weapons production sites, tunnels, and towers that have been serving terror organizations have crumbled, and they will keep crumbling.

There are many more targets – this is just the beginning.

I know the Gazan context. The terror organizations have taken a hard hit and they will continue to be hit because of their irresponsible decision to fire into Israeli territory.

We will restore quiet and security and we will do so for the long term.

I met the regional officials in the Gaza Envelope today and they give their full backing, as do all of Israel’s citizens.

The IDF, I remind us all, protects and defends all of us – Jews and Arabs allike – and I call upon all of Israel’s citizens: now is the time to act responsibly, avoid violence in any direction, and any violence at all.

I, the prime minister, and our entire political leadership, support our security forces in their entirety, as well as the IDF, led by the COS. We’ll allow them to do their work as necessary. They do excellent work and we’ll allow them to keep at it.

I would like to say to world leadership: There isn’t a soveriegn country anywhere that would accept incoming rocket fire on its citizens and population centers. We don’t accept it either. It is our right and responsibility to act, and that is what we will do.

I would also like to send my condolences to the families that lost loved ones today, and send wishes for a speedy recover to the injured. I ask everyone to follow the instructions of the Homefront Command. They are life-saving and we can’t be dismissive of the situation we’re in.

Let’s all be united, strong, and determined.

We can only win together. Only together.