President's Residence opens to rocket-stricken families

President's Residence, Aspaklaria Theater, open their doors for children from rocket-stricken areas.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

בית הנשיא
בית הנשיא
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Beit Hanasi (the President's Residence) on Tuesday morning opened for children from the area around Gaza and the south of the country, following the recent rocket fire from Gaza.

"Groups of children and adults from the areas under missile attack are invited to Beit Hanasi to enjoy the educational and experiential tours offered by the visitors’ center," the President's Residence said in a statement.

"Beit Hanasi will have extra tours to help relieve the tension and offer respite for residents of the south until life returns to normal."

In addition, the Aspaklaria Theater invited those in areas suffering rocket fire to visit for free and view the "Four Fathers" play.

"We see preserving cultural life as a mission," Aspaklaria CEO Yizhar Florsheim and founder Hagay Lober said, emphasizing that they wish "to encourage the residents of the south, and hope to lift their spirits."

"Our hearts are with them, and we hope we will be able to lift their spirits a bit at this difficult time."