Reading of each Tehillim Selichot and the prayer of HaShla"h

We are preparing for the eve of Rosh Chodesh Sivan then open the Aron HaKodesh and pray the great prayer of the Holy Ha'Shla"h haKadosh

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תפילה. אילוסטרציה
תפילה. אילוסטרציה
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We are preparing for the eve of Rosh Chodesh Sivan the great day where we finish all the psalms with fasting and selichot in our holy yeshiva and then open the Aron HaKodesh and pray for our children the great prayer of the Holy Ha'Shla"h haKadosh and we Getting ready with excitement to Chag Matan Torah to be Zoche receiving the holy Torah with a wonderful feeling like over 3000 years ago when we stood in front of Mount Sinai and received our holy Torah.

However, there are many Talmidei Chachamim who do not even have the minimum holiday expenses.

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It is known that these days there is a greater commandment to give the tzedaka on 'Erev Shavuos' to the poorer than the rest of the year,

The great Mekubal, Rav Chaim Palagi zt”l, writes in his Sefer, “Hashem will give great reward for anyone who donates 104 coins, or any multiple of 104, to the poor on this holy day so that the poor and poor can buy the holiday needs. this day is the culmination of the days of sefirah and sheloses yemei hagbalah.“ On this day, the gates of Heaven are open to accepting the requests of those who care for the neediest in their midst and help ensure they are taken care of for Yom Tov.

You can fulfill this commandment by donating 104 $ to our Holy Yeshiva and we will transfer your donation directly to families in need to buy clothing, food, and meat and wine for the holiday.

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By doing so you will receive a great blessing and as you please the poor, Hashem will give you twice as much, health with joy and happiness.

Your donation to Yeshivat Nahar Shalom will provide the family of one of our dedicated scholars with all holiday needs and meals, enabling them to enjoy this great holy special day.

The holy rabbi, HaRav Benayahu Shmueli Shlit"a, will personally mention the name of every person who donates for the Torah scholars of Yeshivat Nahar Shalom, and will bless each one that all of his prayers and needs by answered.

Do not miss this great Segulah.

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תפילת השל"ה IJCF