Finding peace

Israel has to be pre-emptive and not reactive. Op-ed.

Rabbi Eli Hecht ,

הבניין שנפגע מרקטה באשקלון
הבניין שנפגע מרקטה באשקלון
צילום: דוברות כבאות והצלה
For many of us the concept of winning the war and then suing for peace is as foreign as finding cheese on the moon. But as far-fetched as it sounds, that’s what keeps on happening in the State of Israel.

The little country has, since its establishment and recognition by the UN, been exposed to countless wars by mighty countries that were bent on destroying every Jew in the Holy Land. Children or adults, men or women, are the targets of the belligerent enemies of the one, small Jewish state.

The united forces of of Moslem nations and their terrorist proxies are bent on making the Land of Israel empty of Jewish people or, at least, making the lives of Israelis insecure. War after war, attack after attack, they strike and try to bleed the Israeli community of feeling safe in their homes and land. They poison the world by blaming all their misfortunes and sickness on the Jewish-Israeli people.

They claim, falsely, that Israel is a country that practices discrimination against Arabs. They say that Israel has stolen the land from them and that Jerusalem really belongs to them. They are fighting for that right and say that nothing will stop them in reaching that goal. They claim that Jews have occupied Jerusalem. The annexation of Jerusalem is touted by them as out ight cruelty, robbing them of their supposed heritage and they claim the land is under apartheid rule. The facts say something else, but this is the reason they give for revolt, launching rockets against civilian targets, tunnels, incendiary balloons and acts of barbaric terrorism. The Arabs wishing to rid the land of Jews in Israel and anywhere in the world seems to be their raison d’etre. (See here and here for the facts.)

Israel suffers greatly by protecting its citizens in reactive fashion. Instead of being proactive and pre-emptive, the Israelis naively wait to be hurt, killed, kidnapped and hit by rockets before they take the necessary action.

It seems that the Satan himself has joined the Knesset by accepting Arab Jews haters with profiles that give them the power to form policies that forbid settlements and growth in the north and even in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Who can imagine that they would, or could, be given the chance to dictate political policy for limiting growth in Israel! The nefarious plan by the Satan is to give the elected MK rights to be brokers of peace and war at the cost of destroying the country.

The language used by party members put to shame decency. Name calling, demonstations at the Prime Minister's house, and even violent threats have caused strife and mistrust. The country suffers from hate and disharmony with politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite.

The police are put into impossible situations. Like in the city of Meron where they were instructed to control a crowd of ten thousand people when it was well documented that there would be at least ten times the amount, or when they are warned not to shoot terrorists first and ask questions later.

Changes must be made and the time is now.

Israel prides itself, and rightly so, on its innovation and initiative in hi-tech, medical discoveries, agriculture, and how it helps countries who suffer disasters. It leads the world in invention. It wants to put a man in space, but believe me, it is more important to keep its people safe on earth.

Right now, it’s easier to look for cheese on the Moon and find cheese in outer space than peace in Israel.

Rav Eli Hecht is Director and Founder of Chabad of South Bay, Lomita California, former President Rabbinical Council of California, and Vice President of the Rabbinical Alliance of America.