Supermarket stabbing in New Zealand injures at least four

No clear motive yet ascribed to attacker who is in police custody but has yet to be charged.

Dan Verbin ,

New Zealand
New Zealand
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Four people were stabbed at a New Zealand supermarket on Monday, with three in critical condition.

The stabbing happened at a Countdown Supermarket in Dunedan, on New Zealand’s South Island, reported BBC News.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that there was not yet a clear motive. She stated that there was no evidence the attack was domestic terrorism.

Police commander Paul Basham described the attack as random.

He added that shoppers and employees who stopped the attacker were “nothing short of heroic.”

Media reports stated that the injured included shoppers and employees of the supermarket.

Police stated that the suspect had a minor injury and was in police custody. He has not yet been charged.