GOOSEBUMPS: Man Makes Final Promise To Brother Killed In Meron

Little did Yisroel know at the time that that phone call was his brother’s final goodbye to him

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Simcha Bunim
Simcha Bunim
Vaad HaRabbanim

When Yisroel Diskind received an emotional phone call from his brother this past Purim, he didn’t think much of it. But two weeks later, on Lag Baomer, Simcha Bunim Diskind was one of the forty-five people that never came back home. Little did Yisroel know at the time that that phone call was his brother’s final goodbye to him.

"He called me on Purim to tell me he loved me, and I jokingly accused him of saying it just because he was drunk," says Yisroel remorsefully.

Simcha Bunim's family describes him as an incredible father to his two sweet children, Mindy and Moishe. His entire family and community are completely shattered from losing him, and in such a horrific manner, but the stories that have been pouring forth about this young 23 year old father have been outstanding.

Simcha Bunim’s three older brothers all served in the Israeli army, but Simcha wanted to learn in Kollel instead. Knowing that their brother was learning Torah all day made Simcha’s brothers in the army feel like they had special protection: “I felt like I had an angel guarding me,” says one.

“I know it's good up there for Simcha Bunim. I'm sure he's sitting there right now with R' Shimon studying with him Zohar, waving goodbye to me, with his infinite smile. We remain here with shattered hearts, broken and in pain. I promise you that we will do everything for little Mindy and Moishe.”

Those who learned with Simcha described him as a “prodigy.”

"He radiated joy and made everyone happy. Everyone felt close to him, no matter who they were," says Simcha Bunim's father, Yaakov Diskind. "Our son was a gift, and we thank G‑d for the years that we had the privilege of raising him. Just as we do not ask why G‑d gives us a gift, we do not ask why he takes it from us.”

Those who were next to Simcha Bunim allegedly heard him recite Shema just moments before he took his final shallow breath that harrowing night.

A fund has been opened on The Chesed Fund to help Simcha’s young widow provide for his two children after this devastating loss.