Amb. Erdan against "hypocrisy of those who are cynically politicizing events"

Israel's Ambassador to US and the United Nations: 'Rioters are using their holy site to lob firebombs & chant to destroy Tel Aviv'

Ambassador Gilad Erdan ,

Riots in Jerusalem
Riots in Jerusalem
Israel Police

The scenes from Jerusalem are disturbing but what is more disturbing is the hypocrisy of those who are cynically politicizing these events, inflaming tensions and holding Israel to a double standard, while ignoring the basic truths & realities in this sensitive & holy city.

Over the month of Ramadan, tens of thousands of Palestinians have prayed at their holiest site in Jerusalem and thousands more in mosques throughout the country. In Israel - unlike in other places - we value & safeguard freedom of worship, whatever of your religion.

The tensions in Sheikh Jerrah & other parts of Jerusalem have been on-going for a long time and a court of law has made its ruling but rather than except judgment, the Palestinians have hijacked the situation and are using it to stoke violence and hatred towards Israel.

Abbas uses any excuse to delegitimize Israel in order to deflect attention from his own corruption & failure to hold elections. Terror group Hamas never needs an excuse to ignite the region. And anti-Israel activists are always ready to portray Israel, and the Jews, as evil.

The truth is that Israel is the safest place for Muslims in the Middle East. If a violent mob attacked the police anywhere else, we all know the results would be fatal and we all know there would be no condemnation tweets.

It’s time to stop this unhealthy obsession with Israel & look at the truth. Are these protestors calling for freedom to worship? No! Are they calling to halt evictions? No! They are using their holy site to lob firebombs & chant to destroy Tel Aviv.

Amb Gilad Erdan is Israel's Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations