The best is yet to come

At some point, the mainstream American public will wake up to what is happening to their country, and they will react. Op-ed.

Joe David ,

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Statue of Liberty
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Seventy-five million-plus Americans are still mourning last November’s elections. The lack of support from Republican leadership (specifically Mitch McConnell and his RINOs) to check the results constitutionally hasn’t made it easier for mourners. Those Republican leaders who could’ve made a difference instead enabled Biden-Harris by handing them extraordinary power.

Joe Biden’s record during his 40-plus years as a professional politician has provided Americans ample reason to be concerned about his capabilities. The trillions of dollars that the 46th U.S. President is preparing to give away to questionable entities is not only a significant drain on the U.S. Treasury, but it also incentivizes and strengthens America’s enemies.

Within 100 days after his inauguration, the new President has endorsed numerous executive orders, laws and regulations. Few of them, if any, are for the betterment of the country and few of them, if any, unite a divided country. Aside from his likeable facade, he has nothing going for him. His fragile mental state is sometimes so noticeable that it causes members of his party to cringe in horror. There is some talk of stripping him of his nuclear launch power – if Kamala Harris doesn’t strip him first of his title.

It is widely believed that spineless Joe from Scranton PA, was selected as the 46th U.S. President because he was the best pawn his party had for the job. His forty-plus years in government provided enough evidence of his inaction. Swirling around Washington are allegations that he and his family have benefited generously from pay-to-play activities with dubious groups. If the facts are correct, it will require a deep bleaching job (like the one Hillary used) and a deep coat of Chinese Red Paint to wipe away the evidence. This should be an easy job for the mainstream media. They love using their magic red paint to cover the sins of their special friends (Google, Facebook, and other supporters of the rising Radical Left Political Party).

However, a question arises, if this continues, what will happen to America?

Given the tens of thousands of American citizens that Former President Donald J. Trump drew to his political rallies while campaigning for re-election and his millions of supporters around the country, it is unlikely that most of the country is behind Biden. When Joe Biden finally stepped out of his basement to campaign for presidency, he found it impossible to attract supporters to his rallies. All he had going for him to help him into the White House were three things – a corrupt media, the Chinese Virus, and alleged voter fraud.

The refusal of the courts (including the Supreme Court) to review all the documented evidence of voter fraud demonstrates how deep the political corruption is in Washington. To heighten concern, the Democrats are rapidly exploiting their victory by advancing outrageous new changes (plans to load the courts with judges, make DC a state, and much more). It is as though they want to complete a coup as quickly as possible before they are hit with a decisive backlash.

The shift in population from strongly Democratic (Blue) States like California and New York to strongly Republican (Red) States like Texas and Florida is a significant sign that Americans are worried over what’s happening. The exact motive for this population shift is blurry at this time. Many Republicans think it is to escape the violence in Democrat-run states, while staunch Democrats believe it is a move to turn red states blue. Regardless of which, many, many Americans are angry at having their businesses and their personal safety threatened by irresponsible Democratic governors and mayors and their gangs of lawless and crazed supporters. Under the circumstances, running to safe areas seems to be the only sane thing to do.

But, what will happen when they can’t run anywhere, and they are trapped in this lawless setting? Will they rise up and fight back, or will they yield to a newly created world order?

At this time, the future for America looks bleak. Some of America’s great cities (like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, etc.) have been systematically looted and some even set on fire by questionably motivated mobs. To further the destruction, many of these cities are defunding the police, promoting crime by supporting irrational woke laws, turning one group against another by color, muffling the public’s free speech, canceling their culture, and more.

You may ask, how could all happen to a great country like America, the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Simple, many Americans have been brainwashed. My two books clarify that: The Fire Within, a 1981 novel minutely exposing educational corruption to its philosophical roots, and Teacher of the Year, a 1996 adult satire of educators in action. The outcome of such “modern” education has led over the years to what is happening today in the schools.

Students are being taught to despise everything good about our great country from the strength and brilliance of our Founding Fathers to our freedom. Instead of our heavily funded schools providing excellence and sound learning, the forces of political madness are boldly dumbing down students with deluded subjects and anarchistic ideas by rewriting history with partisan political slant, by supporting bizarre sexual transformations, by indoctrinating students with critical race theory, and much more.

With drugs and terrorists currently pouring into the country through broken borders, it seems not impossible that civil war will occur if nothing else happens to prevent it. At some point, the American public will wake up to what the Democrats are doing to the country, and they will react.

Some have asked, given inevitability of this realty, why the Former President allowed this country to slip away and did not resort to military action, when Mr. Trump had the opportunity? Was it because of bad advice from his inner circle –or was there a wiser reason?

Some think he wanted to wake up those Americans who still trust the Biden-Harris crowd before he finalized his actions; others, on the other hand, believe he was just defeated by the Deep State.

Clues are rapidly coming to the forefront that he is still very much in the fight. The former president recently announced some encouraging words, “the best is yet to come.” In the same breath, he asks Americans to boycott companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, etc., because of woke behavior. Unfortunately, these words seem too weak and empty to be effective. The aggressive activities of the socialist party in power are all generously funded and motivated, much by some very wealthy anarchist.

This makes one wonder what the best, that is yet to come, is. There is talk that we will know in 2022 and 2024 with fairer and freer elections. If true, and the solid groundwork is being laid toward this end, we wonder what will happen to the country in the meantime. Each day wasted while the Democrats destabilize America and rob the treasury make it easier for the country to fall. Is the best, that is yet to come, a dictatorship like the one in Venezuela?

Maybe not. Maybe something really positive is in the horizon. Reports are coming in that the results of the Arizona voter count will soon be made public. If the results are what many believe, there will be a push to have similar audits in other key states. The results of these audits, if the voter corruption is as profound as many believe, could be cataclysmic for the Biden-Harris Administration.


Joe David is the author of six books and numerous articles, which include The Fire Within, Teacher of the Year, and The Infidels. He is currently preparing a seventh book in collaboration. It is about a brilliant U.S. Navy Admiral who achieved what some thought would be unachievable.