Im Tirtzu: Let Jews ascend to Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

NGO urges police to let Jews visit Temple Mount on anniversary marking Old City's liberation.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Temple Mount
Temple Mount

Attorney Eran Ben Ari, Im Tirtzu's legal adviser, has sent an urgent request to the Chief of Police in the Jerusalem District, asking that Jews be permitted to ascend to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalayim), the anniversary of the unification of the city in the Six-Day War.

Jews were recently forbidden to enter the Temple Mount, following a significant uptick in violent events perpetrated by Arabs in the capital during Ramadan.

"There is no legal source supporting discrimination against Jews due to the holding of a Muslim festival," Ben Ari wrote, "and you are required to immediately order the police to cease this illegal practice."

Ben Ari added that, "Restricting the rights of Jews to circulate freely on the Mount due to the threat of Muslim terrorism is not policing but rather dictatorship, not to mention a prize awarded to those who break the law. The message being transmitted by Israel Police is that even here in the State of Israel Jews are expected to go around with their heads humbly bent, while their persecutors strut about with their heads held high."