Knesset to ease coronavirus restrictions

Knesset members to resume meetings in the building in full next week, as was the case before the pandemic.

Hezki Baruch ,

Shmulik Grossman, Knesset spokesperson

Knesset Sergeant-at-Arms Yosef Grif on Thursday announced a series of significant measures easing the coronavirus restrictions regarding visitors to the Knesset, that will permit the Knesset to return to almost completely normal activity, as was the case before the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the relief measures, Knesset Speaker MK Yariv Levin decided that Knesset members will resume convening in the building in full as of next week.

The press gallery will be opened as part of the measures. In addition, visitors, groups and lobbies will be allowed to enter the building and the number of visitors at meetings of Knesset committees will be increased.

Levin said, "Today, the Knesset is taking another significant step towards returning to a full routine. During the coronavirus crisis, the Knesset made impressive achievements and the core of parliamentary activity continued almost as usual. Now that the morbidity rate has made it possible, I am happy that the Knesset members are back in their seats and that the public will be able to visit the building once again."