Danish court upholds 7-yr sentence for Iranian spy

Norwegian citizen of Iranian background had been found guilty of spying and attempting to kill Iranian Arab dissident.

Dan Verbin ,


A high court in Denmark on Thursday chose not to overturn the seven-year sentence given to a Norwegian citizen of Iranian background who was found guilty of spying and participating in a failed attempt to kill an Iranian Arab activist in Denmark, reported Reuters.

The case caused Denmark to lobby for EU sanctions on Iran in 2018 after the arrest of Mohammad Davoudzadeh Loloei, who was sentenced to seven years in prison and permanent expulsion from Denmark for his part in a plot to kill the leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz(ASMLA), an Iranian dissident group.

Loloei was also found to be linked to the Iranian intelligence serve, Danish prosecutor Mads Kruse told Reuters.

"A unanimous jury in the Eastern High Court has found an Iranian man guilty of illegal intelligence activities and complicity in an attempted murder of an exiled Iranian in Ringsted," tweeted the Danish public prosecutor said on Thursday.

Loloei is now expected to appeal his case to Denmark’s Supreme Court.

His arrest in 2018 was part of a major police operation in which Denmark temporarily closed its borders.

Memers of the ASMLA, including the group’s leader, have also been charged in Danish court with spying for Saudi intelligence services and financing terrorism in Iran.