Netanyahu: Bennett will form a weak left-wing government

PM slams Bennett's intention to form a unity government, calls on Yamina MKs to reject leader's position.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened Likud MKs and ministers this afternoon (Thursday) and attacked Naftali Bennett's intention to form a unity government with left-wing parties.

"Bennett is trying to hide the truth - he will form a weak left-wing government that will bow its head in the face of international pressure and achieve the tremendous progress and achievements we have made," Netanyahu said. "Bennett and Shaked are responsible for the great deception against the state."

"I heard Bennett say yesterday that the government he intends to form will be a unity government that will not address controversial issues, so what will it address? It will not fight the Iran nuclear deal? It will not defend the settlements?" the prime minister asked.

Netanyahu praised MK Amichai Chikli from the Yamina party, who announced that he would not help form a government with the left. "Unlike Bennett, Chikli is committed to securing the party for the voters. He is a brave man with integrity and values. His letter is extremely important."

"Just as he did the right thing, so must Shaked and other Yamina members. If Shaked and other members of Yamina vote against a left-wing government, they will prove their worth in an instant," the prime minister claimed.

''Bennett has been sitting with Lapid every day for a month, turning every stone to form a left-wing government and oust the right from power. If Yamina Knesset members really want to form a right-wing government they should announce that they will vote against a government with Lapid and the left, just as they promised during the election. If Ayelet Shaked does this, she will prove her worth, and if she does otherwise, she will lose her worth in one instant.

"If they do, you and I know that we will form a right-wing government without further elections in a short time, because more right-wing MKs will join.

Netanyahu added: "We are facing a huge low point - an attempt to form a left-wing government with the votes of the right. We stand united in the face of this experience. I thank all the members of the Likud and all the heads of the bloc's factions, for their unity, firm standing, and for the determination in the just and right struggle that we are waging together for the future of the country."