Yehuda Guetta, victim of Tapuah Junction terrorist attack, to be buried today

'I was relieved that he was traveling by day,' says his mother.

Hezki Baruch ,

At the funeral
At the funeral
Arutz Sheva

On Thursday morning, Yehuda Guetta Hy”d, victim of a terrorist attack on Sunday, will be brought to burial in Jerusalem, where he lived.

Yehuda was severely injured in the attack at the Tapuah Junction and passed away from his wounds on Wednesday. He had been on his way to the yeshiva where he learned, in the town of Itamar, when the attack occurred, in which he and two others were injured.

The funeral will depart from the Heichal Yaakov synagogue near the Guetta family’s home, where Yehuda customarily prayed when he was not in yeshiva, including on the last Shabbat (Sabbath) of his life.

Yehuda’s mother, Milka, told Galei Tzahal on Thursday morning that, “He was my second son of seven. He was such an intelligent boy, and he was also incredibly industrious, and serious about everything he did. He was devoted to Torah learning and also to his fellow Jews. His dream was of enlisting in Shayetet 13 (an elite IDF unit - ed.).”

She added that, “Yehuda went back to yeshiva on Sunday around midday, and I was relieved that he would be traveling by day. A short while later, my sister called me and told me that something had happened at the Tapuah Junction and that she knew that Yehuda had been there at the time. I started calling him and texting him, but he didn’t respond. Eventually, someone else, someone from the rescue team at the scene, picked up the phone and told me that yes, Yehuda was there…”