Please have mercy on me and help me get married

'My dear mother is still recovering and not fully functioning, the situation at home is tough and almost unbearable.'

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Shalom Treytel
Shalom Treytel
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Dear fellow Jew!

It is tough for me to request you in particular at such a difficult time, but I have no other choice.

My name is Shalom Treytel. I am the third in the family out of 14 children bli ayin hara; my father would always provide for us with dignity until, sadly, my mother fell ill, and my father needed to stay by her side and spend huge sums for the medical treatment that led to her recovery.

My father now had huge debts left until he could not cope with the load and collapsed mentally.

My dear mother is still in the recovery stages and not fully functioning,

The situation at home is tough and almost unbearable. My little brothers need help with food and tuition.

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I am supposed to get married in the next few days in all this mess, and I still have nothing for the wedding, not even the minimum.

I beg you from the bottom of my heart!

Dear brother! Do not ignore my cry! I was hoping you could help me get married and establish a faithful bais ne'emon beYisroel!

I will pray for you and your loved ones under the chuppah, and God will repay you as your good reward in health, simchah, and hatzlachah, amen.

Thank You

Shalom Treytel

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