Bennett: Time for unity government, Netanyahu slammed the door in our faces

Yamina chair announces his intention to act for unity gov't to prevent fifth election. 'Netanyahu failed to form right-wing gov't.'

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Yamina Chair Naftali Bennett
Yamina Chair Naftali Bennett
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Yamina Chair Naftali Bennett on Wednesday spoke to the press after the decision of Netanyahu and right-wing parties not to recommend him to the president.

"For the past two and a half years, the State of Israel has been in an endless whirlwind of elections. It is as if the country has been plagued by a disease of self-destruction. This is not just an unnecessary farce, but a direct injury to human life. On the eve of the election, I promised what was - is not what will be. The truth is simple: Mr. Netanyahu has failed in forming a right-wing government. I did with my friends whatever we could."

He added that "Yamina Knesset members were among the first to show up and say they were interested in a right-wing government. For 28 days we turned every stone, in conjunction with other right-wing party leaders who showed responsibility and goodwill. Even in the last day we tried, but Netanyahu slammed the door on us."

"We are looking ahead: there are two options- to run toward elections, or to form a broad but challenging emergency government that will get the cart out of the mud. I would rather get the cart out of the mud than have it drown us all," the Yamina chairman declared.

He appealed to right-wing parties. "I want to turn to my best friends on the right and tell them: it is time to recalculate. Whoever takes the State of Israel for a fifth election out of self-interest, in stark contrast to the needs of the state, the people will not forgive. It is time to form a unity government. All right parties are welcome. The door is open to all parties for the purpose of the establishment."

"There is only one line that guides us - no to a fifth election. Whoever does not join the unity government - harms unity. Whoever tries to lead us to a fifth election - will find us in front of him," Bennett concluded.

Earlier, President Reuven Rivlin concluded the second round of consultations to impose a mandate for the task of forming the government. Chairman of Yesh Atid Yair Lapid was recommended 56 Knesset members, while Yamina Chair Naftali Bennett was recommended by 7 MKs.

Lapid was also supported by New Hope led by Gideon Sa'ar and also by 5 of the 6 Knesset members of the Joint List (Hadash and Ta'al) - Balad decided not to recommend any candidate. So did MK Mansour Abbas' Ra'am.

Likud, Shas, United Torah Judaism and Religious Zionism recommended that the president transfer the mandate to the Knesset.