Dimona holds gathering of unity and support after Meron tragedy

Dimona residents hold gathering of support and unity. Rabbi Yitzhak Elifant: 'Our sin is that only after a tragedy do we reach unity.'

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Gathering of unity in Dimona
Gathering of unity in Dimona
Dimona yeshiva

A gathering of support and unity was held Sunday in the southern city of Dimona, following the Meron disaster which left 45 people dead, including Yehonatan Hevroni, the 27-year-old father of three girls, whose parents live in Dimona.

Attending the gathering were Dimona residents from all sectors. Rabbi Yitzhak Elifant, the city's Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi; Rabbi David Turgeman, the Neve David neighborhood rabbi and the dean of the city's hesder yeshiva; and other rabbis, spoke at the gathering, offering words of encouragement and prayer.

Participants also sang heartfelt songs and lit candles in memory of the victims.

Rabbi Elifant said: "Our sin is that only after a tragedy such as this, do we reach unity."

"G-d is calling on us from the depths of His heart, to love the People of Israel, without differentiating," Rabbi Turgeman said. "The love always exists, and it is exposed during difficult times. We need to expose it at all times."

Rabbi Yisrael Gellis, the Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Dimona, said: "'And Aaron was silenced': We first of all are silent, and after that we know to request from G-d, and to thank Him for the good that will, G-d willing, come, 'to give You honor and thanks.'"

Rabbi Moshe Akuka and Rabbi Daniel Ben-Shushan, who are among the leaders of the Shalhevet Hadarom Sephardic-haredi community, spoke at the gathering about the need for great repentance and unity. Avi Bohbot, a senior figure at the local community center, spoke about the great love that the Jewish People has, which crosses sector lines.

Adiel Algei, who runs Dimona's Youth Center; Omri Weitzman; and Rabbi Eliav Turgeman, who also emceed the gathering, provided uplifting musical accompaniment and song.

Avi Bohbot Credit: Dimona Yeshiva

Rabbi David Turgeman Credit: Dimona Yeshiva

The gathering of unity in Dimona Credit: Dimona yeshiva