Heartwarming meeting between Meron victim and the officer who saved him

Avidgor Hayut, who lost his son at Meron and nearly died himself, meets the police officer who saved his life.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Avidgor Hayut eulogizes his son
Avidgor Hayut eulogizes his son
צילום: איתן אלחדז/TPS

Avigdor Hayut, whose son was among the 45 people killed in the Meron disaster last week, met Monday with the police officer who saved his life and the life of one of his sons during the Lag Ba’Omer catastrophe.

The officer, Rami Olan, visited the Hayut family Monday to offer his condolences on the loss of their son.

During Olan’s visit, Hayut recalled how Olan rescued him, did not, "ask me about my religious background, which party I supported, or if I were Jewish, Druze, or Muslim."

“I was lying on the floor, down on the ramp, with the mass of hundreds of people pressing down on us,” said Avidgor Hayut.

“I saw Rami yelling to me, ‘Give me your hand, I’ll pull you out.’ But I said ‘forget about me, save the boy.’”

“At that point, Rami tried, but was unsuccessful.”

"What Rami did for me shows that we can make coexistence work if we really put our minds to it, that it’s in our hands," he said and continued, "We can do it when disaster strikes, but that doesn't have to be the case. We can also do it on an everyday level."

"What happened is in the past. God took my son's life and my student's but thanks to Rami my life and my son's were saved."