Kochavi: IDF making every effort to capture terrorists from Tapuah attack

IDF chief of staff said the army was 'making every effort' to nab terrorists from yesterday's shooting attack at Tapuah Junction.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aviv Kochavi
Aviv Kochavi
Flash 90

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi addressed yesterday's terrorist attack at Tapuah Junction during a ceremony honoring outstanding IDF soldiers.

"Even at this moment, the army is making every effort to capture the perpetrators of the attack and keep the citizens of our country safe. We will not allow civilians to be harmed and our security to be undermined, said Kochavi.

Yesterday (Sun, May 3) terrorists targeted Israeli civilians waiting at a bus stop near Tapuah Junction, wounding three yeshiva students in their 20s.

The victims were identified as yeshiva students from the nearby town of Itamar, just north of Kfar Tapuah.

The attack occurred at 5:54 p.m. Sunday afternoon, according to MDA sources.

In response to the shooting, a group of families and youths seized a nearby hill to immediate begin construction on a new neighborhood.

Under the cover of darkness, tents, houses, sanitation facilities, and a synagogue were built on the site. The nascent town was named Evyatar, in memory of Evyatar Borovsky who was killed in a stabbing, also at Tapuah junction, on May 20, 2013. Residents have called on the government to grant immediate legitimization to their efforts. The hill controls the road into the Jordan Valley from Tapuah junction and was chosen for this reason.