A Torah perspective on overcoming the fear of death

Rising above the banality of the human condition, and grabbing on to eternal life.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Jewish prayer
Jewish prayer
Flash 90

This week’s Torah portion of Emor begins with a whisper to the kohanim, the priests who serve in the Holy Temple, instructing them to refrain from exposure to death.

What is the reason for the unique rules that govern the lives of those Divinely-appointed men who serve in the Holy Temple?

In this week’s edition of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, our hosts engage in an elucidating discussion on the Torah’s perspective of life, death and the eternity of the soul.

Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman present a tour de force that demonstrates how this week’s Torah portion is a celebration of life over death…and how the sacred seasons of the Hebrew calendar present us with an opportunity to rise above the banality of the human condition and constantly renew our lives with meaning and Divine purpose.