MK Maklev: 'Obvious that Bennett reached agreement with the Left'

'We won't sit in a government with partners who want to throw us into the garbage dump,' UTJ's MK Uri Maklev says.

Michal Levi ,

Uri Maklev
Uri Maklev
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Deputy Transportation Minister Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) said that he expects "dramatic developments" to occur."

"What happened today will be a turning point in the ability to form a right-wing government, and that's concerning," he told Kol Hai Radio. "The crisis with Blue and White already happened, but now it will really hurt us. There will be dramatic developments."

However, he added that "certainly, we will not sit in a different government, with partners who want to throw us into the garbage dump. If a left-wing government is formed, we will need to deal with that from the opposition, and preserve our lives in accordance with Torah and Jewish law."

Regarding his unfaltering support for Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Maklev said, "We do not think that we need to throw a stone into the well. Therefore we did not go to Netanyahu, and yell at him that he is responsible for everything. They're killing him. We give Netanyahu all our support - the main thing is to form a right-wing government. Today we have distanced ourselves from this, after in recent days it seemed to be a bit closer. But it's clear to me that [Yamina Chairman MK Naftali] Bennett has already reached agreements with the Left, and everything else is excuses."

Regarding Lag Ba'omer, which this year falls on Thursday night and Friday, Maklev said: "For years, because we learned lessons, we decided that there will not be public transportation at night. After sitting for a long time with the police and others, we understood how complicated it is in such a small space with hundreds of thousands of people. Every little movement can cause it all to collapse. The private companies have the entire night. They don't reach all the way to the mountain."

"The public must understand that this is the only way to protect them," he emphasized.

"Public transportation will end at 12:00 in most places," Maklev warned. "I received a lot of requests and I explained to them that we do not want mass Shabbat (Sabbath) desecration."