Watch: New footage of near-lynch of Jew by Arab mob

Eli Rosen, 27, attacked by dozens of Arab youths as he walked his dog in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. New footage posted on social media.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jamal Awad/Flash90

In the past day, additional footage of the attack by Arabs on Eli Rosen, a 27-year-old from Jerusalem, has been published on social media.

"I went for a walk with the dog at about 1 at night and was attacked with murderous blows," he described. "'Yehud, Yehud,' they shouted, and attacked me. Luckily I survived it. Someone else, less strong or stable, would have ended his life there - this is just a third intifada. I got mostly punches to the face, it was a lynch in every aspect."

Rosen criticized the conduct of the police. "They sprayed tear gas in the air - not what is expected in a life-threatening situation from police forces, who looked from the side and did not respond. I was there alone and it was just a miracle."

Rosen suffers from three vertebral fractures, a sprained left leg and swelling in his head.