The mobs

Mob tactics have taken over America and in Jerusalem, they listen and they watch and they learn. Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

ערב של אלימות בירושלים
ערב של אלימות בירושלים
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The mobs have taken over the country

This much we have learned – the radical Left and their mobs will never be satisfied.

They got what they wanted, Officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts for the killing of George Floyd, and America breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s over. Justice was done. Everybody can go home now.

Can we please get back to normal?

Not so fast. Not at all. The verdict against the Minneapolis policeman did not appease the mobs who were gathered coast to coast, nor did it pacify the race hustlers within their ranks.

They continued to erupt, howling that it’s not over. Chauvin was a start. The revolution has just begun and won’t end until all law enforcement is discredited, defunded and dismantled.

What do they want? What do they really want? Do they know? Do we know? Nobody knows.
The streets remained restless. Al Sharpton and Rep. Rashida Tlaib and their fellow travelers, Biden himself, rushed for the cameras to remind Americans that we are all racists, still.

The mobs picked up the chant, and went wild particularly here in NYC.

What do they want? What do they really want? Do they know? Do we know? Nobody knows.

We only know that mindless destruction of people and property has the nod of approval from the Democrat Party. Rioting is a proper form of expression, now in America.

The talking heads say that protesting is as American as apple pie. But every day?

The message? Get used to it America. This now is NORMAL.

Indeed, it is. Every day now is the same. America waits and wonders…where and when will the next incident take place?

We can be sure something will happen. It usually does when police risk their own lives whenever they answer a call, notably in inner-city neighborhoods.

Often they have a split second to make a life and death decision, as happened in Columbus, Ohio, the other day.

The cop arrived at the scene of a knifing in progress…one Black teenager against another. The one armed, and ready to strike, the other, helpless.

There was no time to waste. No time to debate. No time to think. Act, or do nothing. The cop acted. Instinct and training kicked in. He shot and brought down the assailant.

The cop saved a life, and now? Now there is plenty of time to debate.

It is not the nattering nabobs who were on the spot and compelled to face a harrowing moment of truth.

They are now all over the airwaves with plenty of time to think this through, safely, comfortably and smugly judgmental.

It was the cop who had to decide who shall live and who shall die…in a fraction of a second.

NBC Nightly News and others played down the fact that the attacker was wielding a knife, thus a hero cop is turned into a villain.

The media says so. So it must be true…and now they are rioting in Columbus.

But where next?

What stores will have to be boarded up and which citizens will have to barricade themselves in fear of reprisal after the next incident?

Will it be safe to walk, to drive, to dine?

The nation waits, and the mobs? They are always waiting, always ready.

This is now routine. This is how America lives…. awaiting nervously tomorrow’s eruption.

Now mob tactics have moved to Jerusalem. They listen and they watch and they learn.

Among the terrorists, if it’s okay in America, it must be worth a try in Israel.

This depends upon how law enforcement reacts. The Israelis…there is nothing they can learn from us.

Maybe we can learn from them. If they act promptly, decisively, and wisely to keep their citizens safe from leftist-approved lawlessness.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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