Saudi Ta'if residents keep dangerous war dance alive

'Taasheer' war dance goes viral. Dancers jump, fire rifle at the ground to motivate soldiers, intimidate enemies.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

dancing in the desert
dancing in the desert

The traditional Saudi 'Taasheer' war dance has gone viral in recent days as videos of the dangerous dance have circulated on social media.

Originally, the dance was intended to increase the courage of the soldiers going out to battle in Saudi Arabia and to frighten enemies. As part of the dance, dancers jump in a circle several times carrying an antique rifle until at some point the dancer jumps in a rotation and shoots at the ground beneath him, creating fire and smoke.

Despite the obvious danger of dancing while shooting, the Taasheer dance is usually performed with other people, albeit at a safe distance from each other. The dance continues to be popular even today at weddings and events where the dancers usually use an antique rifle.

The dance is part of the tradition of the residents of Ta’if. Boys begin their instruction in how to perform the dance at a young age using unloaded rifles. According to residents, the dance is not dangerous if performed by an experienced dancer, especially when it is loaded with only gunpowder and not bullets.