The Iranian Threat: How to deal with it?

Dan Schueftan analyzes the Iranian situation and how the United States and Israel should move forward.

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Nuclear Iran
Nuclear Iran

Back in 2018, President Trump made a bold move when he exited the Iran Nuclear Deal and leveled crippling sanctions on the Iranians. Iran, in retaliation, cranked up its Uranium enrichment - well, at least they no longer hid it.

Last week, in a quiet corner of Vienna, the US began back channel negotiations with Tehran with the aim of reentering what is officially known as The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Talks are set to continue this week. Yesterday, Natanz nuclear facility in Iran experienced a devastating power outage which experts are saying has set back Iran’s nuclear goals by about 9 months! And guess who most are saying is responsible?

Dan Schueftan is the head of the National Securities Studies Center at the University of Haifa. He has taught at the IDF National Security College and Command and Staff College. He was an advisor to Israel's National Security Council and former Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon. He’s also the author of several books and articles on issues pertaining to Israel’s National Security. He joins us today for the second time to talk about the Iranian Threat.

We’re thrilled to welcome Dan Schueftan to the podcast.