Gantz: Bennett must not fall into Netanyahu's trap

Blue and White chairman warns Netanyahu will betray promises and agreements with coalition partners, will 'bankrupt' Bennett.

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Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malka

Blue and White chairman, Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke at today’s faction meeting and related to the Iranian threat and developments on the political front.

“We will not allow Iran to break through the nuclear threshold", Gantz said, "To confront the Iranian threat, we will work alongside our American and European partners as well as with other countries in the region.”

Relating to Israeli politics, Gantz said: “Bennet and Abbas must not fall into Bibi’s trap. Once again, empty promises, an attempt to breach the terms of the power-sharing government, moves to evade trial, while doing damage to the justice system and rule of law in Israel".

"Naftali, you’re from a business background", he added, "Bibi is trying to make you go bankrupt – morally and politically. You’ve known him for years. These aren’t negotiations toward forming a government and a partnership. This is simply another attempt at fraud. Now is the time to show leadership, and form a national government of conciliation and unity.”