Who will teach the students during July?

Israel extended the school year through July, but it is not clear who will teach the classes - or how many hours a week class will be held.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Classroom (illustrative)
Classroom (illustrative)

Two months before the "summer school" program is expected to begin, it is not yet clear who will teach students during the "extended" school year, Israel Hayom reported.

The program, announced by Education Minister Yoav Gallant (Likud), will apply to students from preschool through grade 11.

According to the report, preschool teachers who choose not to teach in July will be replaced by early education students.

It is also not clear whether there will be school on Fridays during the month of July, or how many hours of classes there will be each day.

The extension of the school year through the end of July is voluntary, both for staff and students. If not enough staff are willing to work through July, students and aides will be hired to fill in the gaps. In addition, only in June will it be clear which teachers are planning to work during the summer and which are not.

Israel Hayom noted that although students are expected to learn language, math, English, science, and enrichment subjects during July, the Education Ministry may not be able to cover all subjects.

A principal of a secondary school with approximately one thousand students told Israel Hayom that "the educational staff worked not only as teachers, but also supported their students mentally and emotionally, and it's unthinkable that they will reward us for this by extending our school year."