Netanyahu to Bennett: Do not join the left

PM in new video: I call on both Bennett and Gideon Sa'ar - join us, let's establish the strong right-wing government that Israel.

Hezki Baruch ,

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening released a video in which he called on Naftali Bennett to support the Likud’s proposal on the composition of the Knesset’s Arrangements Committee when the motion is brought to a vote on Monday.

The committee is in charge of setting the Knesset’s agenda and dealing with legislation during the interim period between an election and the formation of a new government.

Should the Knesset approve the anti-Netanyahu bloc’s proposal, Bennett’s Yamina party will get two representatives on the committee. It would only have a single seat should the Likud’s proposal be approved.

"The options before us are sharp and clear: A government centered around the left - Lapid, Labor, Meretz, with the support of the Joint List, or a stable and strong right-wing government for four years," Netanyahu said in his video.

"The next government must protect IDF soldiers from the lawsuits in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, it must preserve the settlement, it must preserve the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. Only a strong right-wing government will do that. It can be set up easily. That is why I call on both Bennett and Gideon Sa'ar - join us, let's build the strong right-wing government that the State of Israel needs at the moment," added Netanyahu.

"I call on Bennett, tomorrow, to join our proposal for the establishment of the Arrangements Committee, which will preserve the power of the right and also leave it with a right to veto. There is no reason for him to join the left, neither in this matter nor in any other matter," the Prime Minister concluded.