'It paralyzed the right side of my body'

The next time you walk out of your door and go outside, think of me! As you move around your home on your own two feet, take pity on me!

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Ephraim Schwartz
Ephraim Schwartz
צילום: ללא

Dear fellow Jew!

I have done everything possible to manage, but I can no longer continue by myself. The right side of my body is paralyzed and my left leg was amputated. The pain and suffering is too great. I have no choice but to beg for help.

My name is Ephraim Schwartz and I live in Jerusalem. A few years ago, blood clots began to appear throughout my body, eventually leading to a heart attack. The damage to my heart required surgery, but due to the ongoing blood clots the surgery resulted in an acute stroke which left the entire right side of my body paralyzed.

Still, the clots continued to appear, and within a short time gangrene began to set in on my left leg. The doctors said there was no choice amputated my leg.

With half of my body paralyzed and my functional leg amputated, I was totally dependent on my wife, who cared for me with utmost devotion. And then, suddenly, without any warning, my dear wife passed away, leaving me despondent and desolate in my pain and loneliness.

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I take blood thinners and other very expensive medications not covered by my HMO to control the blood clots. I have tried to use a prosthesis, but the standard prosthesis is not compatible to my amputated leg and causes me terrible pain.

The doctors recommended a special prosthesis, but it is very expensive.

I live in an apartment building with no elevator and there is no way for me to go downstairs and outside. I am totally housebound. Even inside the house I cannot move around by myself because my home is not wheelchair accessible. Without the special prosthesis, I cannot get out of my wheelchair because my right leg is paralyzed. I can't shower by myself or get in and out of bed.

I have been suffering for several years because I did not want to ask for help, but this unbearable situation is taking its toll, slowly overwhelming me and endangering my life. It is with great personal shame that I am forced to seek your help!

Please help me! I need a special prosthesis that will allow me to stand. I have to make my house wheelchair accessible, and I need a mobile stair lift that will enable me to leave my apartment and once again enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

The next time you walk out of your door and go outside, think of me! As you move around your home on your own two feet, take pity on me!

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I never thought I would be asking for charity, but I have no choice. Please help me!

Thank you so much. May you always have the ability to help others, and may you always be blessed with good health and happiness.

Thank you!

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