Sovereignty Movement to New Hope: Come back to the rightist bloc

Pro-sovereignty activists urged Ze'ev Elkin and other New Hope leaders to help form right-wing government.

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar ,

Ze’ev Elkin
Ze’ev Elkin
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The days of the formation of this nearly impossible coalition that we are experiencing coincide with Memorial Day and Independence Day, beginning with the festival of our liberation, independence and birth of our nation, the Passover festival, until the day marking the renewed independence of our people.

Between them are the memorial days for those murdered in the Holocaust and for those killed in the wars of Israel and by terrorist acts.

These special days are days of assembly and introspection for the individual and for the nation.

These are days on which we are obligated to remember what unites and consolidates us, the long path that the Jewish people has endured until now, the price that it has paid throughout this path, and the objective toward which it is progressing, and to do so together.

During these special days, we observe the Israeli leadership occupied with the task of forming the coalition and the government.

Right wing voters understand very well the importance of establishing a broad, stable, and consolidated right wing government.

In that spirit, they expect their representatives in the Knesset to take action; however, it is important that this expectation be undertaken in the spirit of the special introspection of these special days; introspection of consolidating unity, not of divisive settling of scores.

Alongside the justified, respective call to the New Hope party to return and function in the framework of a broad right wing coalition for the Land of Israel and the future of the Jewish people, at the fringe of the camp there are also grating, aggressive, and divisive voices, which, beyond everything else, distance the chances of arriving at the unified result to which we all aspire.

There is no one who can dispute the fact that Gideon Sa’ar, Ze’ev Elkin, Sharren Haskel, and Dani Dayan are loyal members of the right wing and partners on our path.

Ze’ev Elkin was among the first ones to battle for the realization of the sovereignty vision when that vision was considered outlandish.

Elkin fought and is still fighting in favor of building in Atarot and in favor of the Young Settlement enterprise.

Every mayor in Judea and Samaria can attest to the sympathetic ear and the helpful hand that Elkin always provided.

Elkin battled on behalf of the right wing vision and against establishment of a Palestinian state.
Elkin, the veteran politician, also generated significant steps in the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Right needs his talent and abilities and his continued blessed activity.

Is this the politician before whose home it is fitting and proper to stand with calls of derision and mockery? Certainly not.
The harm caused to his five year old daughter by demonstrators from the fringes of the right wing camp is an action that warrants condemnation, not only regarding him, but regarding any politician or person, whoever they are.

The heads of the New Hope party support right wing values, oppose partition of the land, bolster settlement activity, and aspire to reform the judicial system and reinforce the Jewish identity of the State of Israel.

They have already expressed their important, principled opposition to political cooperation with Arab parties, and that statement remains firmly in effect.

The right wing camp needs these people and their activity.

The call of the right wing camp to the members of New Hope must be expressed with respect and dignity.

The right wing camp must sound a call of “come” to them, rather than the call of “go,” of which the Balfour demonstrators are so proud.

We are brothers and partners, and we must again loudly sound the call of “come.”

Based on our familiarity with Ze’ev Elkin and his colleagues, we believe that they have the ability to isolate and neutralize the violent background noises, and not allow the aggression of the fringe protests to distance them from the right wing camp.

As experienced statesmen and politicians, they have the ability to reconsider the good of the people, to set their moral objectives, and to embark on a new path to together implement those values in the framework of the entire right wing camp.